Food war in a recession:as an avid advert watcher,I noticed the 'food' war going on in the Telco world.So, MTN,Etisalat and Glo all have adverts with food as well as some great comedians telling or is it showing the story.Was this a coincidence or no?How well were the stories told?Well,lets see..... And the contestants are: MTN … Continue reading #BRANDSPEAK: THE NIGERIAN TELCO FOOD WARS

#Brandspeak: On adverts that scream quietly

So I have been seeing recent Cadbury Bournvita ad-Bournvita Race.I watched it over and over again before it clicked that there was some thing different about it. Here's how it goes: A mother is seen continuously  doing running exercises with her kid and the kid is learning a few lessons-perseverance, healthy living , winning etc.Great stuff! … Continue reading #Brandspeak: On adverts that scream quietly